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Wellness Wednesday: What Drives Your Health?

Your health is up to you.

Not your doctor.

Not your pharmacist.

Not your trainer.


With all that power, it’s important to understand what kind of driver you are before you hit the road.

Most of us fall prey to distractions like tempting treats or lazy Netflix binges, similar to texting and driving or taking fast food on the go.

Some feel trapped in an unhealthy reality as others speed by them in the passing lane.

Some can’t help but focus on the vitality of past years, constantly checking the rearview mirrors.

Joy riding, well-meaning friends and family often offer indulgences, which can make for a bumpy ride, but it’s up to you to keep your focus on your role in the driver’s seat.

I tell my clients to focus on the road ahead…with some defensive driving.

Every day we are surrounded by advertisements for the greatest temptations and inner negative voices saying, “You won’t get there”. Remember, you’ve got the wheel. Keep your focus forward and remind yourself daily of your healthy destination.

And, always remember, a little singing and dancing makes for a more enjoyable ride. Luckily, the Tri-State offers countless resources that will help make your journey smooth and steady. In the coming weeks, I’ll share my favorite local resources to help you find your best fit – stay tuned!

This week’s tip: Start a diet diary to keep your calorie intake honest and your symptom or size changes apparent. My clients love this tool because it helps them see the progress they’ve made and stay on track with a roadmap to good health.

- Lauren Pax is a Senior Instructor at DEFINE: Oakley and is a Certified Health Coach. You may contact her at [email protected]