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Website: 3 Northern Kentucky Cities Rank Among State's "Most Boring"

Well, the controversial website Road Snacks is at it again, and either you laugh, cry, sneer, or ignore their latest findings about Northern Kentucky cities.

This time, the site which describes itself as, "The bad side of cities in America. We use science and data to create bite-sized news stories about where you live," has determined the ten most boring cities in Kentucky.

Here's how the site made its determination: Road Snacks made a list of things "we generally think make people exciting" and then it figured out which cities have the least number of those exciting people. What percentage of the population is over 35, or the "most boring"? Married (more boring...)? Average age, households with kids, households with people over 65? Population density? Boring, boring, boring...

Road Snacks evaluated all cities with more than 5,000 residents.

So, Northern Kentucky landed 3 cities on the list, including the top two spots: Edgewood and Cold Spring. Then, Villa Hills comes in at number 5.

See the full post from Road Snacks here.

Photo: Presidents Park in Edgewood

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