Photos: Remembering the Rabbit Hash General Store

An historic Northern Kentucky landmark was erased by fire on Saturday night, and the famed Rabbit Hash General Store was a smoldering heap of ashes when Sunday morning rolled around.

This quiet riverside village in Boone County, known around the globe for its affinity for canine mayors, for the first time became a trending topic on Twitter. But it wasn't Mayor Lucy Lou or the unincorporated community of Rabbit Hash's stuck-in-time draw that brings thousands of visitors from all over that caught the nation's attention late Saturday. It was the devastating news that its most treasured features was gone in a blaze that investigators are still unsure of the cause

REBUILD: Owner seeks help, $150,000 to rebuild Rabbit Hash General Store

Local historians trace parts of the General Store to 1831 and while its ownership has changed hands, for the past several decades it has been widely known as the Rabbit Hash General Store, an authentic old-fashioned throwback to slower times, and a regular weekend destination for tourists, locals, and bikers.

Donald Clare writes a history of Rabbit Hash and its namesake store here.

The following photos are lifted from various sources (as noted) and show the changing face of a significant piece of Northern Kentucky history, now gone.

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Top photo: Clifford Stephens, owner of the General Store, and Raymond Carroll, 77, sitting on bench in 1978 (via Kenton Co. Public Library)

Slideshow Images & Captions: 
via Rabbit Hash Historical Society