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Rabbit Hash General Store Owner Seeks $150,000 to Help Rebuild Treasured Landmark

"Thank you for your support. I love you all and please share with all your contacts. My heart hurts and I love you all."

Those are the words from Terrie Markesberry, owner of the landmark Rabbit Hash General Store business, the Boone County riverside attraction that dates back to before the Civil War. The local treasure, whose building is owned by the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, was destroyed in a devastating fire on Saturday night, leaving the iconic weekend destination a smoldering heap of ashes on Sunday.

Markesberry is asking the community to help rebuild the store and a Go Fund Me account has been set up, seeking $150,000 in donations. With half an hour, nearly $2,000 had been raised by more than 30 people. 

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The Go Fund Me page notes that the famed sign from the store's facade was salvaged and placed in a nearby barn. The rest of the building is a total loss.

If you wish to help by donating, click here.

This story has been updated to clarify that Markesberry owns the business and that the Rabbit Hash Historical Society owns the building.

-Staff report