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Student Council Restored, Breakfast to Be Improved at Dayton Schools

Lincoln Elementary principal Greg Duty gave a presentation on how his students are doing on their reading and math scores, and the results of the response to intervention in grades K through 6, at the Dayton Board of Education meeting Wednesday.

"We are very proud of our program," said Duty. "We are giving the students individualized tracking to help them grow and they get (response to intervention) when they need it. We would like to present this program to the state."

The high school, which is grades 7 through 12, has reinstituted the student council and the president and vice president, Angel Mason, a freshman, and Caulyn Asher, an eighth grader, came to give the school board an update on their plans. The last time the high school had a student council was before 2000, and Principal Jeremy Dodd wanted to see it back in the high school due to the leadership qualities and learning experiences it fosters. Wes Newsome is the student council sponsor, and there are currently ten members.

The school board approved next year's school calendar. The calendar committee, made up of two representatives from each school, sent a survey to the staff asking them if they would rather start August 10 or August 17, if they wanted a three or five-day fall break, and if they were set on a two-week Christmas break. Then they were asked to prioritize their answers. Based on the information, the committee came up with two calendars, which they sent to the staff and the result is a calendar where the school year starts on August 17, there is a three-day fall break which goes over a weekend with a Thursday, Friday, and Monday, and a Christmas break which will begin on December 22 and end on January 2. The year will close out on May 26, 2017.

Superintendent Jay Brewer told the board that Chef Sally from Cook for America will be back in the district next week to help experiment on healthy breakfast items that will tempt the students who tend to skip breakfast, which Brewer said he considers the most important meal of the day. They will also experiment with different healthy alternatives for salad dressing.

At the beginning of the meeting, 13 people from 10 families graduated from the Born Learning Academy. Gina Byrd said the academy consists of six workshops, and those who complete at least four will graduate. The work is geared for caretakers of children from birth through four years old.

Students of the month were honored for their hard work, and given certificates. Kylie Cottingham, Brianna Holt, Damien Freeman, Jody Wildeboer, Noelle Brooks, and Michaela  Navarre were honored from the high school, and Zoe Hedger, Andrew Miller, Nevaeh Embry, Lyssa Mullins, Daniel Johnson, Ashlynn Mays, Aiden Schoonover, Aven Adams, Devlin  Flannery, Emily Hall, Tony Giglia, Nikki Hauser, Livia Robinson, Gracie Cutshaw,  Brooklyn Gibson,  Gavin Puetz, Caaron Poellnitz, Branden Fromeyer, Lorenzo Price and Kristin Marksberry received certificates from the elementary school.

The Employee of the month was Shirley Edwards, manager of the cafeteria at Lincoln Elementary and bus driver who never misses work, and the athlete of the month was Draven Garcia from the basketball team, who scored a lot this season and maintained a 3.5 grade point average. The artist of the month is Kaitlyn Lowery, who excels at sculpture.

Finally, there will be a preschool registration and Jamboree on April 13 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. with activities, information and resources. For more information, the number to call is 859-491-6565 and the contact person is Brittney Howell.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Top photo: graduates of the Born Learning Academy

Bottom photos: Students of the month at Dayton High School---Kylie Cottingham, Brianna Holt, Damien Freeman, Jody Wildeboer, Noelle Brooks and Michaela Navarre, along with Superintendent Jay Brewer, Principal Jeremy Dodd, and assistant Principal Scott Meyers/ Pic 2: Students of the month from Lincoln Elementary---Zoe Hedger, Andrew Miller, Lyssa Mullins, Daniel Johnson, Ashlynn, Mays, Aiden Schoonover, Aven Adams, Devlin Flannery, Emily Hall, Tony Giglia, Nikki Hauser, Livia Robinson, Gracie Cutshaw, Brooklyn Gibson, Gavin Puetz, Caaron Poellnitz, Branden Fromeyer,Lorenzo Price, and Kristin Marksberry with Superintendent Jay Brewer Principal Greg Duty, and assistant Principal Heather Dragan.

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