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Highland Heights to Vacate Right of Way for Housing Development

The City of Highland Heights will be giving up use of a public street in order for the Highland Village Senior Living property to extend, it was announced at the city council meeting on Monday night.

City Engineer Dave Whitacre announced that the city will be vacating the right-of-way of Hill Road to Highland Village in order to make the property compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

“In order to make it ADA compliant, they had to lower the site, which then required more grading and pushed the hillside further back and pushed it back where there is supposed to be a detention basin,” Whitacre said. “Now, they have to go across Hill Rd.”

Currently, the site of the main building of the facility is higher than the properties of the duplexes, which are also part of the Highland Village Senior Living project. However, the property of the main building is too high and not compliant with the ADA.

Even though Highland Heights does not own the street, the right-of-way is dedicated to public use.

“The city has a number of ‘paper streets’,” Whitacre said. “Back in the late 1800s, early 1900s, the Highland Baby Farms were platted and they made lots of streets that were on rough terrain and that you really can’t ever build a street there. So, what the city did was this project has property on both sides of that street, so what the city is doing is they are vacating the right-of-way… the city has the ability to say that they don’t need it for public use anymore because we’re not going to put water lines, sewer lines, or streets through there.”

Whitacre said that once the city abandons or vacates the right-of-way, the property then goes to the adjoining property, which in this case is Highland Village.

The newly-acquired property will be used to create the detention basin that will be moved due to the lowering of the property.

According to Whitacre, the $15 million project accrued additional costs for the acquisition of the land. However, Whitacre did not know an amount, as the cost is not on the city, but the project's developers.

City Council will vote on an oridinance at the next meeting to vacate the right-of-way to Highland Village.

Other notes:

An announcement was made to remind the citizens of the upcoming Republican presidential caucus, taking place on Saturday at 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. The Campbell County caucus site is Campbell County High School in Alexandria.

Written by Clayton Castle, RCN contributor

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