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Have a Creative Idea to Improve Your Community? The Center Wants to Hear It.

Covington is filled with creative projects and ideas. From bringing goats to Goebel Park to beautifying the city with murals, and everything in between, projects funded by The Center for Great Neighborhoods’ (The Center) Creative Community Grant are making a noticeable impact in the city.

The Center is looking to continue the progress with more great ideas in its fourth round of Creative Community Grants. While previous grants have focused on safety, the bicentennial, and inclusion, the fourth round of grants will focus on the topic of health.

“We believe that the health of the community is dependent upon the health of its residents,” said Shannon Ratterman, Program Manager of Community Development. “When residents have access to physical activity, healthy foods, and good medical care, they are more likely to succeed in other aspects of their lives.”

Proposed projects should use art and creative approaches to focus on increasing physical activity, nutrition, equitable access to food, healthy communities, smoking cessation, or a number of other health-related topics.

Applications are open to anyone who identifies as an artist – defined broadly by The Center as an individual or group engaging in creative pursuits including but not limited to performance art, folk art, architecture, visual art, design, and more. Applicants do not have to live or work in Covington, but a connection to the Covington community is ideal.

Like previous rounds of this grant, The Center will award at least three grants to projects in Covington’s Westside neighborhood. This is part of a deliberate effort by The Center to target creative placemaking in the Westside and to focus energy on the reawakening of the neighborhood’s maker identity. 

"The Westside of Covington has a history of making things, from goetta to beer to church benches," added Ratterman. "We are intentionally dedicating a large portion of Creative Community Grant funds to projects in the Westside neighborhood because we believe that concentrating our development work in one area helps us to create a bigger impact."

The Center’s Creative Community Grants are funded through a multi-year grant The Center received from The Kresge Foundation to implement creative placemaking activities in Covington.

The Center plans to continue awarding Creative Community Grants over the next two years. Awards of up to $5,000 per project will be available and each round will address a different issue.

Applications are open through May 2, 2016 and decisions will be made by June 15, 2016. More information about Creative Community Grants can be found online at 

From Center for Great Neighbohoods/Photo provided