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Wellness Wednesday: Reset Your Resolutions

Is it just me or does New Year’s Day seem like just yesterday?

Reality check: we are 3 months in to 2016. One quarter of the way through 2016.

Are you one quarter of the way to your 2016 goals? Odds are, sadly, no.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology from the University of Scranton, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their New Year’s Resolutions.

By now, most Americans have forgotten the lofty goals they set on January 1. What once seemed possible with a little determination has taken a backseat to everyday responsibilities.

But maybe it’s not the goal that’s the problem, but the steps we take to get there.

No matter if my clients have a weightloss goal or performance goal, I always set short-term targets to guide them on their journey.

Small steps like cutting back to one diet coke a day or getting one more hour of sleep a night are specific, measurable goals that lead to the bigger goal. It sounds simple, but the smaller steps you take, the further you’ll go.

As we “spring forward” this coming weekend, take the opportunity to take a step in the direction that will lead you to your goal. 

Break down your big goal into small wins with weekly deadlines. Be strategic…and realistic.

Need help setting those goals? I’m here to help! Contact me at [email protected] to schedule your free Nutrition Consultation with me at Life Time Fitness.

This week’s tip: Look back on your 2016 resolutions. Set weekly goals that will naturally guide you to your resolution. What’s your first step? Comment below! 

- Lauren Pax is a Nutrition Coach at Life Time Fitness and a Senior Instructor at DEFINE: Oakley. You may contact her at [email protected]

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