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Big Renovation of Holmes Campus Coming

The Covington Board of Education approved the advertising for architectural/engineering services for the Holmes campus renovation and site development project as recommended by Superintendent Alvin Garrison.

The project will include the renovation of Holmes High School and Middle School, and on the work list is replacing the middle school's entrance and providing a new security vestibule, and replacing the exterior doors and frames.  

The plan additionally includes renovation of the high school toilets including fixtures, finishes, accessories and handicap-accessibility, as well as replacement of the roof edge panels at the high school science building and fieldhouse. Also on the list is renovating the high school gym including interior finishes, flooring, lighting, and goals, and the high school auditorium, including a new sound system, lighting, and stage floor.   

The plan specifies repairing, sealing, and replacing the paving on the campus, and the sports field work will include improved handicapped access, drainage, grading, track upgrade, and synthetic turf.

Other notes:

The meeting was held at Ninth District school, so Principal Scott Shepard gave a report on the progress the school is making, including the scores from the Think Link tests, in which 11 out of 12 classes improved, and 10 of those were double digit percentage improvements.

"The Think Link testing shows how the teachers are teaching, and how the kids are grasping it," said Superintendent Garrison. "It deals with content, and the results are truly amazing."

Garrison went on to report that the Kentucky Department of Education visited the schools in the district and they had very little to recommend for improvement, although Garrison said that they will adhere strictly to the recommendations that they did make.

The board also approved two motions in the guaranteed savings program. This includes entering a contract with Performance Services for energy, but having the contract be approved by the Kentucky Department of Education as a contingency before the contract goes into effect.

Katie Behrens was honored for being the certified employee of the month, and Dawn Ball was honored as the classified employee of the month. Coreen Gilmore was the volunteer of the month.

The board also honored the boys basketball team, coached by Charles Osborne, and the academic team, coached by Christina Morgan and Dawn Ball.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Top photo: Holmes campus (RCN file)
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Katie Behrens, certified employee of the month, is recognized by Board member Joyce Baker