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Florence Denies Self Storage Facility, Prepares for July 4 & Y'all Star Festivities

Florence City Council denied the request to allow a self storage facility on the former Florence Nursery site.

The Boone County Planning Commission recommended approval but the city's planning committee did not expect unanimous consent from council. FNFS, LLC and owner Michael Talis were given a list of conditions related to fences, lighting, and operational hours, but a majority of council still opposed it.

"There were three findings which contributed to our reversal," said Councilman Mel Carroll. "First, the requested Concept Development Plan is not in agreement with the Boone County Comprehensive plan; second, the requested Concept Development Plan is not in agreement with the Central Florence Strategic Plan; and third, the applicant did not present any information that would indicate major changes of an economic, physical,or social nature that has substantially altered the area's character."

In the Boone County Comprehensive plan, businesses that would fit the plan include commercial - retail, corporate, and professional office space, interchange commercial, indoor commercial recreation, restaurants and services. Other businesses include public/institutional - government offices, schools, libraries, churches, cemeteries, fairgrounds, and maintenance areas. Currently the area is zoned Office One/Urban Residential Two/Parkway Corridor Study Overlay.

For the Florence Strategic Plan, the area is within area 6, which is an intermixed combination of  office and multi-family residential uses.  Future uses include developing the intermixed office and multi-family theme existing in the area, and encouraging multi-story buildings with smaller setbacks from US 42. The plan calls for  full brick structures with masonry detailing and complete, simple pitched roofs and parking provided at the sides and rear.  The proposed use is not included in these definitions and does not meet the criteria.

However, Carroll, for one, does not discount another location.

"Oh, yes, we would welcome them at a location that better fits the description for a self storage unit," he said after the meeting.

Freedom looking forward to July 4, Y'all Star festivities

Florence Freedom General Manager Josh Anderson came to talk about the alliance of the City of Florence and the Frontier League baseball team for the July 4th festivities, a celebration that Florence traditionally holds on its government campus. The rides, booths and activities will  be at UC Health Stadium, and will include a car show, live music, beer and wine tastings, and a vintage baseball game.

The fireworks will also be held at UC Health Stadium on July 3. This is to help showcase the Y'All Star Game, which will be held on July 13, but the Freedom wants to celebrate the entire month, so they will have special exhibition games and celebrities, such as Jake the Diamond Dog who fetches bats and foul balls, and Mad Chad, who juggles things and might be juggling flamethrowers. The July 3 celebration will be free to the public.

Other notes:

Mayor Diane Whalen announced that Youth in Government night is Tuesday, March 15 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m..  She also announced that the Easter Egg hunt will be at the Florence Freedom UC Health stadium on March 26, and activities will begin at 11 am while the actual egg hunt will begin at noon and be over two minutes later. There are three age groups, 3 and under, 4 to 6 years, and 7 to 9 years.  Whalen asked that parents bring their manners, so that hopefully the children can benefit from their example.

It was announced that a new expressway entrance onto south bound I-75 from Mall Road will be under construction this summer. The entrance will be in the vicinity of the north bound entrance, and will connect to the main artery of the entrance ramp from 18 onto the expressway south bound.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: Josh Anderson (RCN)