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Koenig Defends County Merger Bill Amid Tea Party Complaints

A bill before the Kentucky House of Representatives would attempt to modernize the method by which counties in the state could merge.

While such an option already exists for Kentucky's 120 counties, House Bill 161 would update and establish new procedures for the optional mergers. It is sponsored by Rep. Adam Koenig (R-Erlanger) who noted last week that he has been receiving criticism at his Frankfort office from members of the Northern Kentucky Tea Party.

Koenig posted this message to his Facebook page:

So we Legislators receive phone calls from citizens sharing their opinions on legislation. (800-372-7181 if you wish to do the same). Today I received several messages from members of the NKY Tea Party opposed to one of my bills, HB 161. This bill modernizes the process by which 2 counties, if the voters choose, would merge. Can someone please explain to me why the NKY Tea Party, the self proclaimed champion of "Fiscal Responsibility - Limited Government - Free Markets" is opposed to my bill which supports fiscal responsibility, limited government, and the will of the voters. I'm sure it can't be because they just dislike the sponsor.....

Koenig has drawn a challenger in May's Republican primary. He will face off against newcomer Danny Seifried of Florence.

The incumbent joined The River City News editor Michael Monks in the RCN Podcast Studio to discuss HB 161 and the criticism it has received -- and he stressed that this bill (which is co-sponsored by Democrat Rep. Arnold Simpson of Covington and two others) is not about Northern Kentucky at all. Take a listen: