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Eco Engineering Completes $60K Pro-Bono Project for DCCH in NKY

Eco Engineering, the largest independent design and build engineering firm in the U.S. energy-efficient lighting industry, announced yesterday that it has completed a pro-bono project for the DCCH Center for Children and Families in Ft. Mitchell valued at over $60,000. The project involved the design and implementation of a new, energy efficient lighting system for the DCCH facilities.

More than 100 employees from Eco Engineering offices around the country, including Cincinnati-based headquarters staff, volunteered their time this past week to perform the actual installation. Over 1200 lamps, fixtures and advanced lighting control sensors were installed to replace the antiquated lighting technology that was in place.  Energy efficient LED lamps were coupled with motion and occupancy sensors throughout the facility to maximize energy savings. 

DCCH Executive Director Bob Wilson said that “many corporations attempt to make community support a priority and we often benefit from their financial generosity, but few firms put their expertise and their very heart and soul into a project the way Eco Engineering did. Using their own skills and valuable time they have helped our center save money, improve the quality of lighting for the people served by this agency and make DCCH a more eco-friendly place for years to come. We could have never funded a cost savings project like this on our own."

The retrofit is projected to save DCCH over $143,000 in energy and maintenance expenses over the next ten years while reducing electricity consumption associated with lighting by 61%.  The environmental impact of the energy savings will prevent the emission of 243,694 lbs. of carbon dioxide annually, the equivalent to saving 12,562 gallons of gasoline every year.

"Eco Engineering remains committed to helping our customers reduce their energy operating costs while making a positive impact on the environment,” said Tom Kirkpatrick, Eco Engineering President and CEO. "This project upholds one of our core company values – to support the communities where we work and live.”

Eco Engineering’s primary business is providing energy efficient lighting services to both Fortune 1000 firms and large Energy Services Companies (ESCOs). The company has a distinctive profile in that they are an engineering and design firm which comprehensively audits the existing lighting infrastructure of major facilities to optimize the savings potential from upgraded lighting systems, controls and technologies. Eco Engineering also provides turn-key execution services and performs all project implementation; build out of the new design and EPA compliant disposal services. In addition, the firm helps clients qualify for any federal, state or local utility incentives to reduce project expense and boost return-on-investment.

Eco Engineering completed over 500 large projects in 49 states in 2015 involving office buildings, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and distribution centers. The combined impact of these projects for customers was a reduction of 100 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year and more than $10 million in annual energy savings. The company has been growing rapidly in recent years and expects continued double-digit growth as organizations recognize the importance of sustainability while  reducing operating expenses.

- Staff report/Photo provided