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Lexington Couple Launches Kentucky Themed Emoji App

The Kentuckymojis iPhone application is now available for download in the Apple iTunes store.

The app affords users the ability to express themselves with over 70 custom Kentucky-themed emoji icons directly on their iPhone’s keyboard. The app has many basketball-themed icons that afford the user a unique way to communicate with fellow fans during March Madness. 

Kentuckymojis was developed by husband and wife team, Claire and Evan Purmort. This is the first and only iOS application they have developed. Claire was born and raised in Lexington and the two met at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The couple thought up the idea for the app one day at brunch and brainstormed about 70% of the app’s icons on the spot. They knew Kentuckians love Kentucky and wanted to honor the culture with beautiful representations of its most famous icons. 

Kentuckymojis is the perfect companion to the NCAA Tournament. Users are able text friends strings of Kentuckymojis that perfectly express their feelings. Tyler Ulis on fire from outside? Send the “Making it Rain”emoji. Not happy with the ref’s call? Send the Abraham Lincoln “Thumbs Down” emoji. The “Burning Couch” icon was also included to round out the full gamut of emotions the users may be feeling.

The application is the only Kentucky-themed emoji product available today. The most popular emojis are Abraham Lincoln “In Love”, The Mint Julep, Rosie the Riveter “Flexin’”, and “I Heart KY”. Bourbon and horse culture are also prominently featured.

The application is now available in the iOS App Store for $1.99. An Android version is currently in development.

The applications features include:

• Fully Integrated Kentuckymojis keyboard into your iPhone keyboard.

• Toggle between large and small emojis

• Kentuckymoji string creator for long strings of emojis.

Kentuckymojis can be downloaded in the app store by visiting

- Staff report/Photo provided