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Police: Water Delays Retrieval of Combs Hehl Bridge Crash Victim Again

A vehicle has been submerged in the Ohio River underneath the Combs Hehl Bridge for a week and the earliest that investigators believe they can get to it is now Thursday or Friday.

Campbell County Police Chief Craig Sorrell said Tuesday morning that he has been advised by the Boone County Water Rescue Team that river conditions still prevent divers from safely entering the water.

The victim inside the vehicle that fell off the bridge last Tuesday in a multi-car crash has not been identified publicly. Sorrell said last week that they believe they know who the victim is and that the likely victim's family has been in touch with police. The victim was likely in Campbell County as part of his or her usual workday, police said last week.

Sorrell said last week that the primary purpose of the recovery effort is to locate and identify the occupant or occupants of the vehicle and the secondary effort is to recover the vehicle to help with collision reconstruction purposes. The vehicle could be retrieved without deploying divers, Sorrell said, but that would not be the best method to recover missing occupants.

-Staff report

Photo: Combs Hehl Bridge (RCN file)