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Mother Pleads Guilty in Heroin-Related Death of Daughter in Kenton Jail

Four months after she was indicted on charges related to her daughter's heroin-related death while in custody at the Kenton County Detention Center, a local mother pleaded guilty Tuesday in a United States District Courtroom in Covington.

Kimberly Mullins, 44, entered a guilty plea to a charge of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance resulting in death. Other charges will be dismissed at sentencing, according to a plea agreement with the federal government. According to that agreement, Mullins' daughter, Jamie Green, 25, died at the Kenton County Detention Center in September, just a day after being transferred there from the Campbell County Detention Center. Green would contact her mother, or another defendant in the case, to arrange to receive heroin while in jail, an event that occurred several times between May 27 and September 3, 2015.

On September 4, when Green was moved to Kenton County, she contacted her mother to arrange for a heroin drop-off. Co-defendants Heather Tucker and Mabry Baioni, court records show, knowingly transported heroin to Green at her mother's request, while Green was still in Campbell County. When Green requested more heroin to be delivered to Kenton County, co-defendant Michael Howard supplied the drug and Mullins delivered it to her daughter. According to court records, Green acknowledged that this particular batch of heroin looked differently than the usual batch supplied by Howard. 

Mullins, on September 5, delivered the heroin to Kenton County to co-defendant Lisa Lattimore in the jail parking lot. Lattimore then took the heroin into the jail and delivered it to Green. Co-defendant Lynette Ball was involved in coordinating the arrangements between Mullins and Lattimore for the delivery of the heroin. According to the court records, Green ingested the heroin during the early morning hours of September 5 and died of an overdose.

A baggie that had contained the heroin was found on her body. 

Later testing revealed that the baggie contained a mixture of a substance containing morphine and fentanyl.

Lattimore, 36, and Ball, 40, also pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge. They and Mullins will face 20 years in federal prison when they are sentenced in July. Howard, Tucker, and Baioni entered pleas of not guilty earlier this year and their cases are still pending.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher