Listen: What to Expect at Hotel Covington, Its Restaurant, & More

For three and a half years, downtown has been abuzz with anticipation about the forthcoming Hotel Covington, a $21.5 million project that will transform the former Coppins Department Store tower (and former Covington City Hall) into an independent boutique hotel.

The hotel will open this summer and a has a new general manager with an impressive resume that includes the legendary Greenbriar in West Virginia and a world-class resort in Texas that boasted the Lone Star State's sole 5-star restaurant. Jack Olshan is already on the job for the Aparium Hotel Group, the Chicago-based firm that is working closely with Covington-based The Salyers Group in developing the project.

So, with the opening date for Hotel Covington nearing, what can we expect in the 114 rooms? What about the restaurant/bar's menu? What will the employees wear? Can a boutique hotel work in downtown Covington?

Olshan joined RCN's Michael Monks in The River City News podcast studio - right across the street from Hotel Covington - and answered those questions and more.

In short, Hotel Covington is going to be a special destination to be sure.