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UpTech Startup Acquired by Silicon Valley Firm

UpTech, Greater Cincinnati’s informatics accelerator, announced today the acquisition of UpTech III company, Travel Notes. 

Travel Notes has been acquired by Silicon Valley based firm Group, Inc. Travel Notes, a 2015 graduate of the UpTech program assists banks in providing their credit cardholders with a better use experience. is a global air passenger rights service provider.

“Hudson is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs we’ve seen in our program.  We are thrilled for him in this success,” said UpTech, Inc. Board Chair, Tom Prewitt.

Travel Notes entered the UpTech program as a startup idea under Hudson Chilton, Founder and CEO. Travel Notes developed their Fraud Protection Platform to enable banks and card processors to provide a better card holder experience by notifying banks of the card holder’s travel experience. This allows the card holder to travel without having their card declined.

“The success of Hudson and Travel Notes is exactly the vision we had in mind when UpTech was created in 2012. We wanted to build a unique program that supported, educated and funded startups, like Travel Notes,” said UpTech Founder, Casey Barach. “This story would not be taking place without the amazing support of the business community volunteers, financial supporters and the UpTech Fund Investors.”

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

- Staff report/Photo via Facebook