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Unincorporated Land May Be Annexed by Erlanger & Other Council Notes

Erlanger City Attorney Jack Gatlin gave an update on the lawsuit action talks with Sanitation Distirct 1 at Tuesday night's city council meeting. He had just received a revised lateral repair policy and interlocal agreement from SD-1, although nothing is finalized yet.

Gatlin said that a settlement is close, and resolutions under consideration are that SD-1 would pay for all repairs on lateral lines in the right of way, and also pay for surface restoration. Thirteen Northern Kentucky cities signed on to sue the sanitation district over terms of an interlocal agreement that was deemed unfair to cities and residents.

"We are encouraged by the discussion and collaborative mindset of all the parties," said Gatlin.

On legislative issues, council listened to the first reading of an ordinance annexing a 52.879 acre site off Erlanger-Crescent Springs Road, adjacent to Tewes Poultry Property, Inc. The property currently is unincorporated and Kenton County supports Erlanger's annexation effort, Mayor Tyson Hermes said.

"We currently service the area," said Hermes. "Our police and fire answer the calls there and we always repair Floridian Drive which usually is full of potholes after the winter. We are scheduled to meet with the property owners. There are five different owners. It is protocol to have the first reading of the ordinance, then to contact the property owners."

Council also OK'd the first reading of two ordinances accepting first the bid from Duke energy for the use of public streets, alleys and other public grounds in the city for the transmission and distribution of natural gas and electricity, and second from Owen Electric for the transmission and distribution of electricity in the city. The fee for both companies is 3 percent.

An ordinance specifying set fees for electrical inspections was passed on the second reading by city council.

City Administrator Marc Fields gave a report on several things, first of which was a recommendation for a committee to help with the facility study for the city's buildings. He said he thought three members of council should be on the committee, and recommended Tom Cahill, Gary Meyer, and Randy Blankenship in addition to himself and staff members.  

Fields also said the city was starting to switch out street lights with the cooperation of Duke Energy, starting with Kenton Lands Road and Riggs Avenue, and around Hulbert. The new lights will be more energy efficient and will save the city a lot of money in the long run.

Fields explained that the city will be part of a traffic study for the intersection of Dolwick and Crescent Springs Road.

City Engineer Jim Viox told council that a meeting set with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the railroad company so that they can get their ducks in a row to see what can be done to fix the area around the underpass.  He also said bids would be opened on April 18 for  three different projects in the city. Council voted to spend $4,000 more on drainage for a project going on near Spring Valley, and to spend $6,000 more on a paving project on Enterprise for a sturdier concrete to handle the heavier trucks and traffic that the street has.

Council welcomed a very special visitor, who turns 100 years old on April 19. Josie Rapp will have her own day on April 19 within the city according to a special proclamation which stated that Josie Rapp spreads hope wherever she goes, and always helps everyone. Josie has ten children, 28 grandchildren, 45 great-grandchildren, and 5 great-great-grandchildren, and is a lifelong learner, cook, seamstress, and crafter, still active at St. Barbara's parish. Her passion is her family. The proclamation applauded her upbeat attitude and resilience, and called Josie a 'beautiful soul'. Some of her family were present to see the honor afforded her by Mayor Hermes and all the council for her wonderful, productive life.

Bob Kirkwood came to talk about his sweeper business on Dixie Highway in Erlanger, saying it is a family business in its 45th year, and that it is a full service store.

Sergeant Matt Kremer was given his ten-year pin by SRO Mike Leming, while his family watched proudly.

Mayor Hermes announced that the city received an award of financial reporting achievement for at least the tenth year in a row, according to Hermes.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Top photo via City of Erlanger 


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100-year-old Josie Rapp was presented with a proclamation declaring April 19 Josie Rapp day in the city because that is her 100th birthday