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Covington Art Gallery Announces Upcoming Workshops

Pique, an "open ended art experiment" in Covington, has announced its schedule of upcoming workshops at its gallery on Pike Street. 

Here is the list:

Khobz Breadmaking Workshop
Sunday, April 10 at 2:00 p.m. - $7.00

"I awake at 6AM to the smell of freshly baked bread." So begins artist Fatimah Qahsan's memories of her childhood. "Certain scents have the power to transport me across thousands of miles and all the years I have lived. The scent of bread takes my mind tumble instantly back to my mother’s bread."

Join Fatimah at Pique as she leads a workshop on making khobz, a traditional Saudi bread.

Weaving Workshop
Sunday, April 17 at 5:00 p.m. - $7.00

"Growing up in the ancient center of carpet weaving, Azerbaijan, had an unarguable effect on me as an artist. I have been surrounded by beautiful rugs and textiles ever since I was a child. These objects were not mere decorations, but also served utilitarian and even medicinal purposes."

Learn the ancient art of weaving with artist Sariya Babanova.

Galleries 1 and 2 will be open during the workshops

Pique’s latest show, Home, is the first of its kind. An all-woman, mulit-cultural show featuring students from Art Academy of Cincinnati and DAAP. Four students from AAC and three from DAAP have come together with Pique Gallery to create "Home", a collaborative endeavor to showcase each young woman's unique visual language and background. United by color palette, their pieces reflect personal inspirations, concerns, and experiences while engaging with larger social bonds. Through exhibition, the artists extend their narratives and conversations to the community.

Pique is located at 210 Pike Street in Covington.

- Staff report/Photo provided