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Vacant Hotel in Ft. Wright Cited as Nuisance Property

Residents along Park Road in Fort Wright are dealing with a threatening hill slide that has recently plagued the street near the intersection of Amsterdam whenever significant rainfall occurs. They are concerned that a continuation of the slides may affect potential safety issues with the road due to trees coming down in addition to the mud, creating a potential blockage, Mayor Dave Hatter said at Wednesday night's city council meeting.

Hatter speculated that part of the problem stems from changes that were made at the top of the hill.

“There’s a private drive that comes up off of Amsterdam and provides access to some of those houses at the top of the hill and the houses at the very end are now having their access impacted because the hill is starting to impede in to the exit on that private drive," he said. "We have informed KYTC District 6 that there’s been another slide,” Hatter said, arguing that the district has been slower to respond to the situation each time.

Another issue facing the city has been the often-problematic vacant hotel that was once a Days Inn that sits on Dixie Highway. Public Works Director Tim Maloney has issued the new owner of the building a citation under the city’s recently-revamped nuisance ordinance, giving them 30 days to clean up tall grass, dead trees, pool maintenance, and the highly visible graffiti that can be seen from Interstate 75 and elsewhere. Much like the former Fort Mitchell motel that gave that city fits, the same can be said for this property, Hatter and others on council agreed.

“Put the hammer to them” and issue violations at every turn, Hatter said.

“Personally, I’d like to see it gone, like they did in Florence,” councilman Joe Averdick added.

In response to the Kennedy Road accident that involved a vehicle taking out a telephone pole and driving off, the police department studied the road after complaints from neighbors on the perceived excess speeding that had taken place on the street. But, police chief Dan Kreinest said he didn’t see a big issue and the department would continue to “keep people aware,” as the accident was an isolated incident.

Other Notes:

New police officer Robert Griffin was introduced to council Wednesday evening. Griffin joins the city’s force from the Kenton County Detention Center.

The search continues to replace soon-to-be-retiring City Administrator, Gary Huff. There will be an interview session held for the remaining three candidates for his replacement next Wednesday, April 13, at 5:30 p.m. at the city building. During the session, council members will have an opportunity to vet the candidates and the city hopes to make a final decision soon thereafter.

Maloney said the city will be advertising its street program reconstruction for Wolfzorn, Beacon Hill, and Oak Hill on April 14 for contracting bids, with bid winners being announced at the next televised meeting on May 4. The projects will begin after July 1 when the new fiscal year starts, he said.

Clean Up Fort Wright Day will take place this Saturday, April 9 at 8:00 a.m. with interested participants meeting at the city building. Students needing service hours for school are eligible to take part in the clean up, as well.

Susan Ellis joins Fort Wright as its new Assistant City Clerk.

Written by Jason Finnell, RCN contributor