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Covington Schools Make Banking Change & Other Notes

Covington Independent Public Schools Finance Director Annette Bemerer gave a report at Thursday night's Board of Education meeting on the opening of the bids received from four different banks for the purpose of possibly changing banking services for the district.

At the meeting held at Latonia Elementary School, Bemerer related that of the four bids, one was received late, and was disqualified. Currently the school district banks with BB&T at an interest rate of 0.15 percent. That bank offered a bid with an interest rate of 0.20, Heritage offered 0.30, and Huntington was a little more complicated, offering one rate for the first $8 million, and a higher rate thereafter.

Bemerer recommended the bid from Heritage to the budget committee and the board approved the recommendation. Another criteria Bemerer said they were looking for was a location in Latonia, which Heritage has. She told the board that getting bids every so often keeps things competitive, but the actual process of changing banks is onerous.

The new contract is for two years, with an option for a third, fourth, and fifth year.

Other notes:

Stacy Strotman, Executive Director of Covington Partners, talked about the Holmes Community Support Services Memorandum of Agreement, which is a joint data sharing agreement similar to the one the school district has with the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky. The document is necessary since a fair amount of students are pulled to attend other sessions, and this assures the district that services are not duplicated and all agencies can coordinate together. It includes a community release form, and also a confidentiality form. Strotman said it has taken most of the year to put this together, but once they have it together they can have all parties sign the document at the beginning of the school year and have it be relevant all year.

Ken Kippenbrock, Director of Pupil Personnel, gave a report on attendance, saying the district was above 95 percent and hopes to be higher when school closes. He also had the board approve a change in this year's school calendar, making the last day for students be May 27, and for next year's calendar, changing the snow make up day from February 20, which turns out to be a holiday, to June 5, 2017. Kippenbrock also explained that he and Superintendent Alvin Garrison attended a meeting with the Children's Home, and reported that the lease for space that the district rents from them will be the same, and that the food service will continue to stay in-house.

Latonia Elementary principal JoAnn James gave the board an annual report on her school, reporting that the school has progressed from a "Needs Improvement" state rating four years ago to a "Proficient" school for the last two years. She said their reading and math schores have improved overall, and they work together as a team to fulfill the vision which is to make sure every student meets their full potential.

Robyn Rolf was honored as Certified Employee of the Month of April, and Jennifer Turner was honored as Classified Employee of the Month. Angela Hamilton was given an award for being the Volunteer of the Month. 21 students were honored as students of the month: Tonesha Clark, Bentley Ruth, Lily Wright, Cadence Bolton, Danny Hayes, Ernest (Junior) Hampton, Angel Simmons, Akasha Hutchinson, Charles Delehanty, Jurnee Dumas, Vencynthia Johnson, Ethan Thor, Nicole Armstrong, Kelsey Howard, John Meredith, Nalanii Griffin, Brady Walz, Austin Spicer, Tim Reed, Haley Conyers, and Kalayah Colbert.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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Robyn Rolf is Certified Employee of the month and accepts the award from Board member Joyce Baker
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