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New Must-Have Music App that Grew in Covington Launches

A company that grew at Covington-based UpTech's 5+1 accelerator program last month is launching its new app - designed to help undiscovered artists reach new audiences faster.

Hive was selected as one of eight start-up companies to participate in UpTech's fourth cohort. It has spent time forming partnershis with blogs, artists, and organizations in the music industry.

How it works

Hive’s mission, according to an announcement, is to make sure the right listeners find every artist that deserves to be heard. Hive brings you new songs with the swipe of a finger. Music is delivered in 30-second clips to help you quickly find songs you love and drop the ones you don’t.

Every time you swipe right on a song, you send it to 6 additional random users to share the love and help new artists get discovered. Due to our unique sharing method, you will only see songs recommended from other users with similar music preferences.

Every song you like goes into your Hive playlist for you to listen to the full song, whenever and wherever you want (with no annoying ads).

Hive gives you a huge playlist of brand new music. Find the next star and listen to what’s trending before it's available on other music platforms.


Are you an artist? Hive is the best distribution tool for independent musicians, allowing you to reach a huge network of music-lovers instantly. If you make great music, our users will share it on Hive and you will reach thousands of new fans, simply by uploading your songs. We will then provide you with real-time data on who is receiving your music, and how they are engaging with it. This will help you do a better job defining your audience, booking shows, and getting signed to a label.

Music fans, artists, booking agents, and anyone else in the music industry can visit and download the app from the App Store today!

Click here to see the App Store page!

-Staff report

To learn more about Hive, visit our website:


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Andrew Savitz, co-founder & CEO