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NKU Launches City's First Bike Share Program

On Earth Day, Northern Kentucky University will unveil the very first bike share system in Highland Heights.

Developed after evaluating current transportation options and the needs of major universities around the country, Gotcha Bike offers an affordable, scalable and eco-friendly solution for students, faculty and visitors.

Through a partnership with Social Bicycles (SoBi), all Gotcha Bikes are GPS-enabled, allowing riders to locate and access the bikes through a smart phone or computer. The lightweight and extremely durable bikes feature rustproof frames, Kevlar seats, chainless belt drives and puncture-resistant tires. Gotcha removed the need for expensive, bulky kiosks and utilizes robust Ubar locks that are compatible with most standard bike racks. The GPS technology and flashing safety lights are powered through a built-in solar panel and dynamo hub. The GPS provides real-time data for bike share operators, including detailed reports on system utilization, number of bikes per corral, maintenance issues, battery level and more.

“We believe that bike sharing on college campuses should provide students, faculty and visitors with a safe, healthy and sustainable mode of transportation. Gotcha Bike is designed to be rugged and uses the highest quality components, making it ideal for a collegiate bike share system," said Sean Flood, CEO of The Gotcha Group.

The Northern Kentucky University bike share can be accessed at several spots around campus, including the Student Union, Norse Commons Residential Village and Callahan Hall. During the launch phase, all riders will receive two free hour of ride time per day. Each additional hour is $1, up to a daily maximum charge of $25.

Gotcha bikes are assembled, painted and decaled in the United States.

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- Staff report/Image via Facebook