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NKY Entrepreneurs to Open New Restaurant in OTR

Four years ago, Northern Kentucky residents Tyler Retyi-Gazda and Josh Dickerson had a vision of a new restaurant concept, but were stymied by the many obstacles that budding entrepreneurs face. While they had the talent, experience and entrepreneurial vision, they lacked access to commercial-grade kitchen equipment and the start-up capital required to make their dream a reality.

“It was incredibly frustrating to invest years of time and effort in developing this concept, and executing a complete business plan, only to hit roadblocks that prevented us from opening,” said Retyi-Gazda.

Last fall, Retyi-Gazda and Dickerson heard of a new opportunity - the Findlay Kitchen business incubator - that might help them finally get their restaurant concept off the ground.

“We both heard of it and immediately thought, ‘This is it. We can finally make this happen,'” said Dickerson.

The incubator has provided invaluable resources, mainly a shared commercial kitchen space for them to fine-tune recipes and hone their concept.

Their restaurant concept, Grind on the Rhine, is designed to specifically serve hungry Cincinnatians who visit the historic Findlay Market on the weekends. Retyi-Gazda can’t wait for opening day.

“We’re thrilled to finally open, and we are incredibly thankful to the visionaries at the Findlay Kitchen who helped us finally make our idea a reality.”

Dickerson and Retyi-Gazda hope to find success with Grind on the Rhine at Findlay Market and ultimately expand to their own standalone restaurant. Grind on the Rhine opens Saturday, April 16 at 10 am and is located at 1801 Race Street in Cincinnati. The restaurant offers affordable artisan sandwiches, with grinders, such as a pork habanero sandwich, being the star feature.

- Staff report/Image provided

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