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Local Glass Blower to Host Show in Ludlow on Saturday

As a teenager Kevin Akin became fascinated with the art of working with molten glass when he watched his mom, a Ludlow native, create lampwork beads. Soon after, he bought his own small mapp gas torch and a small cylinder of mapp gas from the hardware store and began to create small glass pieces. Although this was a limiting form of glass blowing, it became an obsession and would eventually lead him to a more detailed and complex form of glass blowing.

A few years later, while making some beads on the little mapp gas torch, a neighbor’s friend saw what he was doing and introduced himself. Coincidently, this turned out to be a turning point and a stroke of serendipity when the neighbor’s friend happened to be one the best glass blowers in the area, Nate Clark. From there, he introduced Akin to the art of glass blowing and inspiring him to buy his first real glass blowing torch. He began learning from Clark and his brothers Kirk, Johnny, and Mike - talented glass blowers known for perfecting the honeycomb design. It is a design that Akin says is, “like watching a flower bloom, one pedal at a time.”

On Saturday, Akin will host a shop at Wynners Cup Cafe in Ludlow from noon to 2:00 p.m.

Being surrounded by creative people his whole life has inspired Akin to pursue his passion of glass blowing. He has created custom pieces for weddings, Bengals fans, pieces for the mustache craze of the All-Star games, Christmas ornaments, and a variety of items for local businesses, include custom stir sticks for Second Site Distillery.

Constantly striving to improve his art and find new and exciting patterns, designs, and methods is a driving force for Akin and he hopes you are inspired to pursue your artistic passions. Come take a look, be inspired, and maybe see art in a new way. Pieces will be for sale on Saturday and custom orders will be accepted.

- Staff report/Image provided

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