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New Dental Care to Be Available for Ludlow Students

The Ludlow Board of Education approved a contract with Health Point to provide dental care for students in the district at Thursday's meeting. Ludlow joins other school districts, such as Dayton, Newport, and Erlanger-Elsmere, in providing this service.

The cost will be a maximum of $30 per visit, but if the child is on Medicaid there will be no cost at all. The yearly cost will max out at $120 for any family. A dentist and team of people will be at the school next year for two to three days a week and will be able to treat all children who need dental care.

Elementary School Principal Jason Steffen said that when the students would get a sealing treatment on their teeth, clinicians would notice that the same children every year would have decay, and since it was noticed each year, it was obvious that those children were not seeing the dentist. After researching the matter it was discovered that Health Point would provide the services, taking care of all paperwork and the school district would provide a room that had access to electricity and possibly water. In addition, Health Point will provide a Nurse Practitioner who will come a few days a week, and work with the regular school nurse who is on site five days a week.  

The Nurse Practitioner can provide vaccinations and dispense antibiotics for students if necessary. School Superintendent Michael Borchers said the plan is currently to put the dentist in the high school in a room that used to be a music room quite a while ago.

Other notes:

Steffen also gave a report about the progress of next year's pilot program of all-day kindergarten. He explained that on the first night that registration was open that 28 students were signed up, although Steffen qualified that all the paperwork was not yet in for those 28. The next day they signed up 7 more children. Steffen said he thinks they have about 40 to 42 students signed up if the preschoolers who are ready for kindergarten progress to the next step, and he said he would like to see about 48 students in the new all-day kindergarten, broken down into 24 students per session. If more sign up, Steffen said they would probably add another half day session. He said last year that about 12 students came to "Pantherfest" the day before school needing to sign up for kindergarten, which was a surprise to the district, but the children were signed up.

The board approved a contract to Blau Mechanical for installing HVAC in Mary A. Goetz Elementary School for $823,400. Then a contract was approved for $1,015,000 adding the architect's fee and other costs. The project will tie the new heating and air conditioning in with the high school's units so that they are all controlled in one place. This project will include a separate rooftop air conditioning unit for the cafeteria so that it can be controlled separately.

Another project, re-roofing the high school gym, was recommended for the board to award the contract to Kelley Brothers Roofing for a bid of $97,000 for the $120,000 project.

The board approved changing the district's banking operations to Central Bank. Currently the district banks with BB&T. The district informed the banks that they would be accepting bids to see if they would change or stay with the bank they were with, and Central Bank came in with a better deal on three key items: fees, interest rates, and credit cards. Financial Analyst Vikki Wofford explained that Central Bank offers a "cash back" credit card, as well as no fees for checks or deposit slips, which was the main reason she recommended changing the banks.

The board approved entering into a contract with Barnes, Dennig, and company Ltd. for this year's audit.

The board approved a contract with PRN Contract Services LLC, and with MEBS and Associates for mental health counseling offered at the school for students and families. The also approved a contract wiht Administrative Partners.

Michael Borchers will continue as the district's representative for the NKCES interlocal agreement, with Jenny McMillan as the alternate.

The current school calendar was revised to make the last day of school for teachers June 3, although the last day for students remains June 1.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor