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Photos: Renovated Buena Vista Park is Celebrated in Newport

The ribbon is cut and a transformed Buena Vista Park is now a more attractive green destination on Newport's Westside.

The park is nestled north of the railroad tracks that separate the city's Westside and Clifton neighborhoods on west 12th Street.

A celebratory ribbon-cutting was held on Saturday morning.

For the past two years, the Newport Parks Renaissance Commission (NPRC) has been working hard to raise financial, political, and social capital to accomplish their goals of revitalizing Newport's parks. The commission cited Buena Vista as being in the most need of reinvestment and the site became the initial focus.

“We decided to start by focusing on Buena Vista Park because it's so heavily used and we noticed the huge potential,” said Chris Bednar, a NPRC board member. “We've also done some work and programming in other parks, including showing movies at Providence Park and Buena Vista Park.”

Visitors to the park are now able to enjoy a new walking path that circles the park  thanks to the generosity  of River Metals Recycling. Other improvements, made possible by the City of Newport, grants, fundraising, and other contributions include a new drinking fountain, a new roof on the shelter, several new trees, three picnic tables, three trash cans, a dog bag dispenser, a flower bed, and more.

“This ribbon cutting represents a milestone for NPRC's work in Buena Vista Park. There's still a lot in store for this park,” said Kyle Randall, NPRC board member. “We're going to make this a great park!”

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-Brian Frey, RCN photographer

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