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Woodworking Shop Owned by Three Sisters to Celebrate Big First Year in Covington

What a year it has been for one local small business.

This Friday, Grainwell, a woodoworking shop owned by three Northern Kentucky sisters, will celebrate its one-year anniversary with a party at its space on Pike Street from 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. Last week, The River City News sat down with Michele, Melyssa, and Christine Kirn to discuss their first year in business, their thoughts on the rebirth of Covington, and their plans for Grainwell going forward.

RCN: How has business been during Year 1? What have been the biggest surprises?
Christine: Business has been great and it has been better than we expected locally. We knew our online sales would do well, but all the local support, especially from the Covington community, has been wonderful. 
Melyssa: We have been surprised about how quickly word of mouth travels about our business locally. That is what we attribute a lot of our sales to!
Michele: The amount of support around the community from Covington and Cincinnati businesses to those who work and/or live in in the city has been great. We also love the sense of community, the energy and positive outlook for the future of Covington many people have. 
RCN: What do you have planned for Year 2? Any exciting announcements to share?
Grainwell: We have exciting news! We just hired our first employee who will be starting in the next few weeks. We expanded and remodeled into the upstairs of our current garage wood shop. We have already seen a change in our flow of production with the increase in space. We had our first Calligraphy event this month which was awesome and we plan on having more events to bring people to our space, bring in other creative individuals to teach and to bring creative minds together. We're always open to new collaborative ideas. More on the business end, we are going to some trade shows this year to hopefully expand our reach nationally.
RCN: How do you feel about everything that is happening in Covington? Is there anything specific you're most excited about?
Melyssa: We are excited about everything that is happening locally. We love hearing about new places opening up. We are most excited about the new restaurants and bars coming in all the way from Madison to Mainstrasse and everywhere in between.
Grainwell: We wouldn't be where we our today without the support from our local customers and businesses. We hope everyone can stop by to say hello or grab a drink Friday, April 29 from 4-9! We want to not only celebrate our success of our first year of our boutique and workshop in Covington, but also to celebrate and thank all of our local customers by having deals all evening.
Grainwell is located at 316 West Pike Street in Covington.
- Staff report/Photo: Melyssa, Christine, and Michele Kirn (Jeremy Kramer Photography)