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Controversial Candidate for Covington Mayor, Kenton Judge - Now Running for President!

Local voters were first introduced to Alyssa Dara McDowell in 2010 when she ran as an independent against Republican Steve Arlinghaus for Kenton County Judge/Executive. With no Democrat in the race, McDowell managed to collect nearly 10,000 votes for almost 20 percent of the ballots cast.

She returned to the campaign trail in 2012 as a candidate for Covington Mayor. Her controversial views against gay people made her a popular target for social media commentary and even landed her in the pages of national LGBT publications like The Advocate. She lost in the 3-way primary.

Now, McDowell is launching her biggest campaign yet - she's an independent candidate for President of the United States.

And no, she has not let go of some of her controversial views, though she has taken a course at her church on LGBT issues. She wants to create a wall around the U.S. borders, wants to sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and, well, take a listen:

Photo via Facebook