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Man Guilty of Raping 6-Year Old, Giving Her Gonorrhea

A man is headed to prison after a Kenton County jury convicted him of first degree rape of a child who also contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Christopher Esper, 19, was found guilty on Thursday in a case that involved a 6-year old girl. The girl, now 7, testified at trial that Esper raped her in the summer of 2014. A doctor from Cincinnati Children's Hospital testified that after the rape, the girl tested positive for gonorrhea. 

Esper also tested positive for the sexually transmitted disease.

Covington Police Detective Nicholas Klaiss testified that Esper provided multiple theories of how the young girl contracted the STD before he eventually admitted to sexually abusing her. 

While the jury voted to convict Esper, they were deadlocked on a recommended sentence. Circuit Judge Gregory Bartlett will decide how long Esper will spend in prison when sentencing takes place on June 13.

Esper faces 20 to 50 years, or life in prison.

-Staff report

Photo via Kenton Detention Center