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Sidewalk Project Scrapped in Erlanger Due to Residents' Objections

Four bids for new sidewalks on Nelson Road in Erlanger were rejected on Tuesday night. 

City Engineer Jim Viox explained during the city council meeting that the necessary easements, which the city thought it had, were not obtained. At a meeting with residents, several expressed opposition to the sidewalk being placed on their side of the street.One resident came in with signatures from his neighbors, indicating that they were in favor of the sidewalk project but at the last minute those residents decided not to sign for the easements, even though there was a notary at the meeting to help them complete the documents.   

Viox said that if the residents decide they want to go ahead with the project, it will have to be resubmitted for bids from companies.

Council voted to pass the ordinances entering into an agreement with both Duke Energy and Owen Electric for gas and electric from Duke throughout the city, and electric only from Owen Electric. This was the second reading for both.

A first reading on an ordinance changing the zoning for a 3.8 acre area, commonly known as 4300-4408 Dixie Highway from R-2 and NC with a binding development plan to Neighborhood Commercial without a binding development plan. The area in question is where the old Aldi grocery was located, as well as the old 5/3 Bank branch building.  

First readings were also given to an amended 2015-2016 budget and the new 2016-2017 budget.

A resolution was passed which  allows Mayor Tyson Hermes to make an application for OKI-Allocated Federal SNK (Service Transportation funds for Northern Kentucky) for a project to be administered by Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments Board of Directors. Erlanger will be the lead applicant for the entire project, which will put sidewalks beginning at Dolwick Road and going down through Mineola Pike and over to Circleport Drive. This also includes unincorporated Boone County land, and Boone County Fiscal court passed a resolution to make the application, too.

City Administrator Marc Fields cautioned that the application for funds probably will not go through the first time. The project is estimated to cost $2 million.

City attorney Jack Gatlin said that there is a tentative agreement with Sanitation District 1 related to the repair of residential sewer lateral lines. The main points of the agreement are that SD-1 will put aside $350,000 a year for repair on lateral lines, and that if SD-1 pulls the funding the utility has has to give cities adequate notice.

Viox recommended accepting the lowest bid on the retaining wall project at the city building from Advanced Contracting and Estimates, which bid $83,225. On the Hallam Avenue resurfacing project Viox recommended accepting Paul Michel and Sons bid for $56,983 with an additional $3,000 for extra work. As far as the Depot park deck restoration project, the city will do the work themselves for an estimated cost of $28,643 with an extra $2,500 for extra work.

May 4 was announced as Sarah Lutz day in the city. Lutz fulfilled her childhood dream of running in the Boston Maraton, completing the race in 3 hours 46 minutes.

Chad Girdler was sworn in as sergeant in the Police Department. Daniel Knapke and Matthew Garrett took the oath of office for firefighter/EMT in the Fire Department.

Abby Ziegelmeyer, a student at St. Henry High School, was announced as this year's winner of a $1,500 community achievement scholarship recognition.

Finally, Senator Chris McDaniel came to give council an update on what happen in Frankfort this year.

Story & photos by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Top image via Planning & Development Services

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Mayor Tyson Hermes presents a plaque to Scholarship winner Abby Ziegelmeyer.