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Braxton Wins Best of Show at Derby City BrewFest

It was all roses in the Derby City for Braxton Brewing Company this weekend. On Friday, the Covington-based brewery took part in the Derby City BrewFest. During the festival, Braxton won Best Barrel Aged Beer and Best of Show with their Four Roses Bourbon Barrel Aged Lumber Strong Scotch Ale. 

“This is a project the brewing team has been working on diligently over the past several months,” said Evan Rouse, Co-Founder and Head Brewer of Braxton Brewing Company. “Though it wasn’t a large batch, it was a project that required a large amount of dedication and attention to detail. We couldn’t be happier about how it turned out.”

The festival featured more than 25 breweries from the tri-state area. Sponsored by Four Roses Bourbon, each brewery was challenged to use one of the distillery’s freshly dumped Bourbon barrels.

For Braxton, that meant taking Lumber, their Strong Scotch Ale, and aging it in a Four Roses Barrel for more than four months. The base beer which features a complex balance of smoky, earthy, and sweet malt notes was perfectly complimented by the vanilla and oak flavors absorbed from the Bourbon barrel. 

This was the brewery’s first Derby City BrewFest and one of the first time’s their beer has been poured and available outside of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. However, this is not the first time the brewery has won hardware outside of its hometown. In last year’s Alltech Commonwealth Cup, Braxton won a Bronze (Blown Gasket), Silver (Storm), and Gold (Crank Shaft). 

An extremely limited amount of the Barrel Aged Lumber will be released publicly later this year.

- Staff report/Photo provided

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