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Covington Commissioner: Mayor Looks Like Bag Lady, Hillary Needs Work Done

The arrival of Hillary Clinton - the likely Democratic Presidential nominee - in Ft. Mitchell for a rally at the home of businessman Nathan Smith on Sunday, resulted in the opportunity for many "selfies" with the former First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State.

If you are friends on Facebook with any local Democrats or Hillary supporters, your newsfeed was likely peppered with poses from the rally and fundraiser that also featured former Governor Steve Beshear.

One former employee of the City of Covington posted such a picture and the ensuing comments included remarks from Covington City Commissioner Steve Frank that suggested Hillary Clinton is in need of plastic surgery and that Covington Mayor Sherry Carran looks like "an old bag lady".

"She could use some work," Frank wrote as a comment on the profile picture. When some came to Clinton's defense, Frank doubled down. "She isn't that old to look this bad."

In follow-up comments, one woman commented that it is typical for Frank to comment on the looks of women and that he has done so unfavorably of Mayor Carran in the past. That led to even more analysis of Carran's appearance as perceived by Frank.

"Sherry does dress like a bag lady. It's an embarrassment," wrote Frank. "Also she's no longer a Democrat so you can stop defending her. (Kenton Co. Democratic Party chairman) Col Owens has already disowned her and endorsed Joe Meyer for Mayor."

The conversation continued to spiral.

"Well I'm taking her on as a poor excuse of a Mayor on many levels from selling the city out on tolls to charging our poorest children to swim in our public pools while giving $6 Million dollars to wealthy golfers in Devou Park for a Club House to dressing like a bag lady to official functions that represent the City," he wrote late Sunday night. "Sherry is a poor excuse of a Mayor. Yes; I'm walking door to door and donated my max to seeing her gone."

Frank is an outspoken supporter of Joe Meyer, Carran's top challenger in Tuesday's primary election that features four candidates including Matthew Winkler and Alphonse Mele. The field will be whittled to two for the November general election.

As Frank was accused of making sexist comments, he continued to reply in the Facebook thread.

"Yes, what does it say when the highest elected Democrat in Kenton County and if you think about the responsibility; perhaps the highest elected Democrat in the Fourth Congressional District turns flag and becomes a Republican like Sherry Carran did," Frank said of the mayor's party identification change, a choice she made to support Kenton Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann in his success bid to unseat former Judge/Executive Steve Arlinghaus in the Republican primary in 2014. "Her dress is part of the job. When you are meeting with business leaders about bringing jobs to Covington is it too much to ask to look the part???"

"I was commenting on (Hillary Clinton's) close up. For 68 she isn't looking as good as I thought she would and it wasn't from a Bill Clinton perspective,"" Frank wrote. "She looks much older than her chronological age in this unretouched close up. It was a bit jarring. I don't know, I guess I expected to see some vigor and vitality in someone looking to enter their first term as President. As per whatever you suspect; it doesn't interest me. Having worked with Sherry for 6 years I'll be glad to see her off for any number of reasons as will the majority of the citizens of Covington.

"A Mayor has a job of representing your City when greeting other political and business leaders. It involves salesmanship and diplomacy. It is an essential part of the job. No I don't expect people to be obsessive about their looks. At the moment I could use a haircut. I'm a couple of weeks over due. But I will show up tomorrow in a suit and tie and attend civic functions that I represent the City at dressed as if I could meet anyone and carry it off. I do expect that people make some effort to appear to care about their appearance when first impressions might make a difference; like when meeting people who might bring jobs to the area or when the Governor is visiting. For example, while I'm not a huge fan of Steve Beshear (mainly over tolls); he thoroughly looks like a Governor and represented the State well and never once in any public appearance I ever saw seemed ratty or disheveled."

Frank is no stranger to late-night Facebook comments that create a firestorm of sorts. He received national attention when he posted, "Turn out the lights on the Occupiers, I feel like going Taliban on them!!!" about the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests. His remark was featured on multiple national news outlets, including MSNBC. And in 2013, his profanity-laden tirade against the Covington Firefighters union after a vote was made to settle legal action: "If you live in Covington; Local 38 the Firefighter's Union isn't here to help you... they are only here to pick your bones clean. Of 113 firefighters; only 8 still live in the city. We pay the rest so well that they live in Ft. Thomas, Ft Mitchell and Edgewood and other parts that protect their own families with less manpower than they insist that you be covered by. Wonder why????? I don't...," Frank wrote in part.

Frank, who often complains that Mayor Carran won't speak to him, is not running for a fourth term this year.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Steve Frank serves food at unveiling of Covington's new logo (RCN file), with Hillary Clinton and Sherry Carran.