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Kenton Co. Fiscal Court Using Digital Platforms to Increase Civic Engagement, Awareness

The Kenton County Fiscal Court announced its plan to better utilize digital communication in an effort to increase citizen engagement and increase citizen knowledge of Fiscal Court on Wednesday.

Beginning this monthh, Kenton County will begin utilizing Cerkl, their newest platform for communication, to create and share a new electronic newsletter. This newsletter will let citizens select the information and topics that are important to them. Each email they receive will be personalized based on what they select. It also maintains a story archive that will allow citizens to browse through other updates. Cerkl encourages engagement and interaction by including a comment section and ways to easily share on various other platforms including social media.

“Since Cerkl lets followers personalize based on their interest, it allows us to also learn about the needs and wants of our community,” said Kenton County Judge Executive Kris Knochelmann. “The more we can learn, the more we can know what’s most important to our citizens and what changes we may need to make.

”Those wishing to receive news from the County are encouraged to visit and take two minutes to personalize their news from the county."

Kenton County will also be introducing OpenGov, a cloud based software that works with governments all across the country. OpenGov will be used to publish interactive budgets with the community and achieve revenue goals by disseminating important financial data around tax or bond measures. Constituents will be able to break down various aspects of the budget on this interactive platform. This software will be coming to Kenton County very soon!

“We are excited about these new platforms for Kenton County,” said Knochelmann. “The more people we can reach about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it the better. An engaged county is one of our top priorities.”

- Staff report/Photo: RCN file