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Ft. Mitchell Turns to Kenton Co's. Social Media Savvy Schierberg to Be Next Chief

Ft. Mitchell has tapped Andrew Schierberg to be its next police chief.

Schierberg, 35, a detective and sergeant with the Kenton County Police Department, was sworn in on Monday.

In a way, it's a bit of a homecoming for the Newport resident.

"I grew up around Ft. Mitchell. Although I lived in Lakeside Park, I attended Blessed Sacrament School. Both of my parents grew up in Ft. Mitchell, and, for most of my childhood, my grandparents lived in Ft. Mitchell," Schierberg told The River City News. "I have a lot of memories of riding my bike to Beechwood Swim Club, watching or riding in the 4th of July parades, and activities with the Blessed Sacrament Youth Group. Although I have been serving the citizens of Kenton County for over 13 years, I'm excited for the opportunity to serve a part of the county that has so much personal meaning to me.

"I'm looking forward to the ability to lead a professional group of police officers. There are many challenges facing police today, I'm hopeful that I can bring some new ideas to the table to address these challenges creatively and effectively. I think that the citizens of Ft. Mitchell are supportive of their police officers and the officers are supportive of the community, and I look forward to successfully building upon that."

Schierberg replaces Jeff Eldridge who was injured in a car accident and never returned to full-time service. He earned bachelor's degrees in speech communication and criminal justice from Northern Kentucky University in 2002. He was hired at Kenton County that year and in 2005 decided to attend Chase College of Law at NKU where he earned his law degree in 2009. He was admitted to the Bar in Kentucky that year. In 2015, he was promoted to sergeant and assigned as the supervisor of the criminal investigative bureau.

Schierberg also served as the department's public information officer and while that mostly involved dealing with press inquiries, he also handled social media accounts and was responsible for producing the viral video of a deer being struck by a Kenton Co. Police cruiser and then getting up and running off. It has been viewed more than 2.6 million times on Facebook.

He expects to continue his work with social media in his new role at Ft. Mitchell.

"I can't promise a repeat of the viral deer video - millions of views and international media attention is a difficult thing to repeat! That being said, I'll do my best to bring the same personality to the Ft. Mitchell Police Department's social media accounts," Schierberg said. "So much communication today occurs through social media. I think it is critical for police departments to positively engage citizens at every opportunity. When it comes to social media, there are times to be serious, and there are times to be funny. I think I've navigated that well in the past and I'm excited to continue that. So, viral deer video, maybe not. Creative April Fools Day posts, absolutely!"

Schierberg lives in Newport with his wife Emily and their two sons, Connor, 2, and George, 10 months. They remodeled their historic home in 2012 and Schierberg says that with his promotion, he becomes the second police chief to live there.

"Frank Bregel Sr., former chief of the Newport Police Department lived in this house in the 1940s. When I get some free time, I'd like to learn more about Chief Bregel," he said. "I love the stories that historic houses hold, and I'm particularly fascinated by this one, especially considering Newport's colorful history."

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Andrew Schierberg (via LinkedIn)