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Notes from the Highland Heights City Council Meeting

On Tuesday, Mayor Pro Tem Jeanne Pettit presided over the Highland Heights City Council meeting in which Mayor Greg Meyers was absent.

City attorney Steve Franzen presented an ordinance amending the city's annual budget for the current fiscal year by estimating revenues and resources and appropriating funds for the operation of city government. 

Franzen listed off several estimated numbers for revenues, resources and appropriations as well as the actual numbers for each. 

The total actual revenue from the general fund was $3,820,000. Total resources available for appropriation totaled at $6,103,775 and the the total for appropriations was $3,781,813.

The following ordinance called for another estimation of revenues, resources and appropriating funds for the operation of city government for the next fiscal year that begins July 1. 

Franzen made a note that it is necessary to make estimations and later amend the budget to the actual totals at the end. 

Both ordinances were approved. 

Also approved was a municipal order related to the advertisement for the bid and distribution of a preliminary official statement for the purchase of the city of Highland Heights general obligation refunding bonds, series 2016 in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $4,770,000.

“We are just refinancing what we have left,” Councilman Gary Chinn said. 

Staff reports and ordinances: 

Public works supervisor Steve Lehman said there will be street cleaning Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16 on curbed streets. Signs will be posted 24 hours before. 

An increase in traffic violations this year was addressed. Police chief Bill Birkenhauer said that they were necessary in preventing serious accidents. 

An ordinance was approved to prohibit depositing leaves, grass or any other debris on any public way of the city with the exception of bagged items for regularly scheduled collection or pickup. 

Police chief Birkenhauer said that revisiting the event Police Night’s Out would be something they “would look at in the future, for sure.”

Also approved was a bond ordinance and an ordinance establishing a pay classification ordinance by providing new pay classification for the police department, the office personnel, public works personnel and the various boards.

Written by Elizabeth Kibler, RCN contributor