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Sitting in Last Place, Florence Freedom Hope to Right the Ship

"Ten Games under .500 is unacceptable."
At 7-17, Florence Freedom manager Dennis Pelfrey spoke the truth before Saturday's game against the Evansville Otters but also was not backing down on his belief in his team. "Everybody needs to understand that our club is good and we just need to show that."
Since that conversation with The River City News, the Freedom have dropped two more games, and now sit in last place of the Frontier League's West Division, with a 7-19 record, and 11 games behind division leader Evansville, which topped Florence 12-10 on Sunday evening.
Pelfrey admits, "things aren't going well for us.
"One day it's the starting pitching. One day it's the bullpen. One day it's the defense. One day it's the offense."
"We haven't played very good defense this year," the coach said. The Freedom lead the league with 34 errors. "I'll put all that on me and what I'm doing as a manager. I've got to do a better job of making sure these guys are staying locked in whether we're down 10 runs or up 10 runs. The attitude and the demeanor has to stay the same."
Pelfrey believes though that the team still has the swagger, the chip on the shoulder attitude that was prevalent in last Friday's win over the Traverse City Beach Bums and credits Isaac Wenrich for that but has had to put the brakes on him from time to time. 
"Isaac Wenrich is the heartbeat of our club. He's very passionate, he wants to win, he's letting some things get to him as well," Pelfrey said. "I feel like these guys follow him. He's the leader, whether he wants to be or not, they're gonna do what he does, some of the body language things, some of the talking to the umpires about their calls has to stop." 
Pelfrey thanks the fans for sticking with the club by saying that "last night gave me goose bumps. It was the best night, in my two years, that I've seen so far. They were doing the wave in the 9th inning, they were in the game."
Pelfrey and his crew also cite the local food and beverage suppliers as having asked him what they can do to help. 
The Freedom take Monday off and then hit the road for a series at Southern Illinois that starts on Tuesday.
Written by Erik Lake, RCN contributor
Image via Florence Freedom Facebook page