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In Bellevue, Waste Contract Adopted with Question About Recycling

A rising number of seniors at Bellevue High School will have their freshman year of college completed when they graduate from high school before they set foot on their prospective campuses, Councilman David Slater said Wednesday evening. Students enrolled in dual credit courses coinciding with their partner universities will get a head start to their careers, Slater added, mentioning it aids in saving money and gets them off to a great start to their adult lives.

Also commencing with the kickoff of summer is Grandview School’s Mommy and Me six-week program that began on June 6 for children entering kindergarten. From 8:30-11:30 a.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, each can get acclimated to the new environment and help ease separation anxiety once their mother leaves the classroom. Slater said the school is serving free breakfast and lunch this summer to all kids that come up.

Switching gears, Councilman Ryan Salzman questioned the city’s efforts to increase its recycling efforts. City Administrator Keith Spoelker said that the city has looked into a grant but had not made progress on it to date. “The dumpster the City of Newport has is very well used and utilized, But, also, up until a point until they installed cameras, it was highly abused,” with citizens dumping non-recyclable materials in it, Spoelker added. Furthermore, an order was approved to give the city the green light to enter into a contractual agreement for waste collection with Republic. The new measure will cost citizens $106-per-year on a per-unit basis to dispose trash, in which Salzman was the lone dissenting council member to oppose the plan.

Similar questions were raised when the City of Dayton entered into its contract with Republic. Bellevue, Dayton, Woodlawn, Southgate, and Ft. Mitchell sought waste collection bids collectively, and then decided individually which to accept.

Other Notes:

Residents living near the intersection of Covert Run Pike and South Foot will see two stop signs placed up. Much like it has faced on Fairfield Avenue, neighbors have witnessed many vehicles driving too fast. Steve Guidugli mentioned the possible addition of sidewalks to the area would go a long way toward making it safer, too.

A Truman Lane resident and member of the Bellebrook Condo Association, lamented to council the myriad of issues her property she owns has had since the adjacent land across the street has been bulldozed. Among the many issues: flooding, ever-present standing water, clogged drainage pipes and mud. While she pressed the city to further look into the matter, Guidugli said that she has a case – albeit, a civil one, which would require the hiring of an attorney out of her own pocket. Though dismayed, she said she’ll continue to press the issue until it is resolved and she doesn’t have to continue to fork out unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses to fix her property due to no fault of her own.

Citizens Joseph Lauer and Jessica Miller were dually appointed to the Code Enforcement Board Wednesday evening, with each to serve three-year terms.

Written by Jason Finnell, RCN contributor

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