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We Went Inside the Colonial Inn and Here's What We Saw

The historic mansion near 15th Street and Madison Avenue in Covington - next to the Kroger store - has a long story in the city. It was built as a home for the Stewart Family, of Stewart Iron Works fame.

More recently, though, the story of the historic building was much seedier. 

A structure was built connecting the home with the carriage house and the property was turned into a low-rent motel whose tenants once landed the property on an episode of the FOX series COPS

The property only continued to deteriorate in recent years.

In 2014, the City of Covington took action against the property's owner and a process began to close the motel and place the property for sale.

In May, the City of Covington ended up buying it when word got out that a drug rehab center was looking to acquire it. The city commission is working to limit the number of social services agencies moving into the city.

The deal became final on Friday when the city closed on the purchase. There is currently no specific plan for the property.

The River City News got a tour of the entire property on Friday afternoon and RCN photographer Brian Frey produced the images in the slideshow below.

The images show that tenants of the property were living in abhorrent conditions, but also that some of the historic elements remain in tact. There were heroin needles and original woodwork, a sword and working pocket doors. 

While the future is uncertain, these images give a rare look inside a well-known eyesore in Covington.

Slideshow Images & Captions: