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St. E, OHC Join Forces to Create Comprehensive Cancer Center

OHC has entered into an agreement to transition its Northern Kentucky practice (excluding Maysville) to St. Elizabeth Healthcare effective July 11.

With this new arrangement, oncology and patient experiences in Northern Kentucky will transform into something that has yet to be seen in this community. According to the National Cancer Institute’s Kentucky profile, Kenton County has the third highest rate of annual cancer diagnosis in the Commonwealth, with Boone County following in sixth and Campbell County in eighth. From a national level, Kentucky is one of five states with the highest incidence rate for cancer, with Kentucky having the highest death rate of all.

With this new affiliation, the level of quality and comprehensive care will be taken to the next level not only for Northern Kentucky, but other surrounding regions.

“We are experiencing the effects of cancer in our communities as are the loved ones who are helping to care for these patients. Combining the two organizations will allow us to enhance capabilities and create a comprehensive destination for cancer care,” said Garren Colvin, St. Elizabeth President & CEO. “St. Elizabeth and OHC have a long history of working together to provide exceptional cancer care in Northern Kentucky, and this will allow us to align best practices for a stronger continuum of care for patients.”

OHC employees at Crestview Hills and Ft. Thomas will transition to St. Elizabeth at the closing of this agreement. OHC medical oncology, radiation oncology and advanced practice providers will transition later this year to St. Elizabeth Physicians.

“As OHC continues to evaluate options and strategies for our future ,we felt the opportunity for St. Elizabeth to build a comprehensive cancer center would best serve the needs of the Northern Kentucky cancer population and enable OHC to invest in other important initiatives of the practice,” said E. Randolph Broun, MD, OHC President & Chairman of the Board.

This transition will create stronger alignment for oncology services resulting in a highly collaborative cancer offering, providing patients with more comprehensive quality cancer care. St. Elizabeth will also serve more patients by combing the two organizations into a unified cancer center with enhanced research.

There are 50 employees, 10 providers and 4 APRNs affected by the arrangement.

- Staff report/Photo: Garren Colvin (provided)