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Highland Heights Adopts Online System to Handle Resident Concerns

The Highland Heights City Council began its meeting Tuesday with a moment of silence in honor of the lives of the police officers lost over the past few weeks.

The council went on to introduce a new internal online reporting system that will expedite the resolution of resident’s complaints.  

In the meeting it was expressed that the City of Highland Heights realizes the benefits of having an efficient online system for managing complaints received from their residents.

Partnering with local IT company, Computers Electronics Center, Mayor Greg Meyers said of the new system, “This will replace our antiquated system of reporting…which was using legal note pads.”

The internal system was demonstrated during the meeting by a representative from Computers Electronics Center, where it was shown to city council how the database was created and how it will be managed using the Microsoft application SharePoint, a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device.

It was also explained that the system can hold a maximum of 200 records and the system is completely functional, with a significant back-up capacity, and is accessible only to city officials.

Though no sensitive information, like name or social security number, is collected when complaints are recorded on to the system, because a complaint report is generated periodically, there may be some public record issues.

“If a record is generated,” Highland Heights City Attorney Steven J. Franzen interjected, “they may be subject to a public record request.”

The retirement of long-time Highland Heights police officer, Lt. Dave Fornash, was announced at Tuesday night’s meeting.

With a confirmation from Highland Heights Chief of Police, Bill Birkenhauer, that Lt. Fornash has spent his entire 20-year career in Highland Heights, Mayor Meyers complimented Lt. Fornash on his service. “Dave has been an asset to the city.”

Chief Birkenhauer is in the process of bringing on a new officer to replace Lt. Fornash.  

There will be a small reception following next month’s council meeting to honor Lt. Fornash’s time on the police force and to thank him for his service to the city.

In other celebratory news, Mayor Meyers let the council know that last week’s Highland Height’s City Fest was a huge success.

Written by K.A. Simpson, RCN contributor