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One Local Team Didn't Have Enough Helmets and then the Police Showed Up

The Newport Wildcats are a newer addition to the Northern Kentucky Youth Football League, and when more than 50 6, 7, and 8-year old boys showed up to play, the team had a problem.

There weren't enough helmets.

That changed on Thursday evening at Newport Stadium when four Newport Police officers showed up.

Turns out, Officers Scott Wiggins, Greg Roller, Steve McElroy, and Josh Bucchi are also coaches for the Campbell Co. Red Devils - a long-established member of the NKYFL that has an abundance of helmets.

The officers supplied their city rivals with the extras on Thursday.

"It's part of why I became a police officer. I love getting the feedback from people when you help them," Wiggins said. "These are good, understanding people who are here to help the kids, as well."

Wiggins grew up playing for the old Newport Firefighters youth football team on the very field where he brightened the day for a bunch of youngsters. "Some of my best games were against the Red Devils," he said. 

Though the teams compete on the field, there is a strong sense of camaraderie in the league, said Ken Morgan, who heads the Red Devils organization. The team helps with Christmas presents, meals during emergencies, and stocked backpacks for students who need them.

"This is a goodwill gesture to an organization that has just started," Wiggins said of the 4-year old Newport program. 

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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