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Dog Brought to Thomas More College to Keep Geese at Bay

Thomas More College has added a new tool to keep geese off the Crestview Hills campus's sidewalks.

Tommy Boy is a black and white border collie brought to Thomas More to help the school's security staff.

The dog has been trained by Flyaway Farm and Kennels in North Carolina for the specific purpose of scattering geese.

“When Tommy Boy first came to Thomas More, he was a bit skittish in his new surroundings, but that’s a common trait in Border Collies,“ said Steve Johnson, a member of Thomas More’s Campus Safety and Security team, and Tommy Boy’s main handler. "With love, care and some additional training, Tommy Boy is now well acclamated and seriously assuming his role as our Geese Police.”
When he’s off duty, Tommy Boy offers another benefit to the Thomas More community: comforting students.
“He’s been a big hit at our summer orientations, our incoming class is thrilled with the prospect of having their very own campus dog. A dog offers a sense of home for our students,” said Chris Powers, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management/Admissions.
Tommy Boy replaces the original Tommy, part Corgi/Border Collie mix, who patrolled the Crestview Hills campus for several years before retiring last spring.
-Staff report
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