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TV's Judge Hatchett to Speak at Leadership Breakfast in Erlanger

Court is in session for the 5th Annual Leadership Breakfast.

Recognized as TV's Judge Hatchett, Glenda Hatchett - also an advocate for juvenile and social issues - will speak at the breakfast on Augut 25 at 7:30 a.m. at Receptions in Erlanger.

Hatchett is the best selling author of Dare to Take Charge: How to Live and Lead with Purpose\

Judge Glenda Hatchett has seen more worst-case scenarios than the average person. As she metes out judgment from the bench of her televised courtroom, she witnesses tales of unimaginable heartbreak and strife. But this experience, coupled with her years as Chief Presiding Judge of the Fulton County Juvenile Court and Delta Air Lines litigator have also taught her that it’s possible for people to inject possibility into painful situations. Hatchett uses this powerful, inspiring phenomenon as the basis for her newest book.

In the book, Hatchett presents cases of real people who were entangled in seemingly impossible situations and yet learned to take charge and create fulfilling, positive lives. Much more than just a collection of inspirational stories, Dare to Take Charge is also a common sense guide for readers looking to carve out their own paths toward their dreams. With practical exercises, writing prompts, tips and daily strategies, Dare to Take Charge shows readers how to work toward their ultimate objectives through life lessons.

Hosted by Leadership Northern Kentucky Alumni, this event is open to the public. The cost is $30.00 before August 1 and increases to $40 thereafter. The purchase price includes a copy of Judge Hatchett’s book. Registration accepted online here.

-Staff report

Photo: Judge Glenda Hatchett (provided)

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