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Ludlow Schools Celebrate Opening of New Fitness Center

Members of the Ludlow Board of Education and Superintendent Michael Borchers officially cut the ribbon to open the brand new fitness center at the front of the Ludlw High School gym. 

The new 1800 sq. ft. fitness center is 88 feet across and 22 feet from the old front of the high school gym. The building addition cost a little over $300,000 and was designed by Ehmet and Joe Hayes and built by Ashley Construction. All of the equipment was purchased with a grant, and once the district had the equipment, a mini-gym was constructed to house it.

"We have six single stations here, bars for females and males, cardio machines that are true, and none of it cost the district any money," Borchers told the small crowd of people who braved the heat to see the new center. "There are two TVs where people can download an app on their phone and see a tutorial on the TV about how to use the equipment. Next week, hopefully, we will get our teams in here to start using the equipment. The board will talk about how we will then open the center, hopefully in September, to the community for memberships."

The walkway outside of the fitness center is a work of art, having been created and hand painted by Mike Schill, a community member with skills in concrete work. Panther paws are imprinted in the cement and the ground is tinted red and black, the colors of the Ludlow Panthers. There are number key pads on the doors which will give the district total control over who is in the center at all times.

"A big component is that our kids will now be able to get that big school feel, that most River City schools don't have," stated Borchers. "We will have this in place for our students and our community for years and years to come. A lot of people have put a lot of work into this, and this is something we as a district and a city can be proud of."

The center will be open to all classes of students from fifth grade and up, and both Mary A. Goetz principal Jason Steffen and Ludlow High School principal Travis Caudill were proud and happy with the result.

"A lot of money, labor, and heart and soul went into this," said Caudill. "We can take great pride in this."

Awards were handed out to several people for putting effort into the project and having a beautiful fitness center to show for that effort.

After the awards, the board held its regular meeting where it passed a series of policy changes. The first two were to institute a flat reimbursement fee of $40 for overnight stays at events for school business for certified and classified staff.  Another policy cleans up the food service policy.

The board OK'd a change order for the work in the elementary school for the HVAC project that will be in place and working by the first day of school. All the changes came to a total of $13,667. Superintendent Borchers outlined the changes and told the board that all of the changes were necessary.

The code of conduct and the student handbooks have stayed the same for the most part, but because of state legislation, a definition of bullying had to be added. Principal Caudill said that they also defined a few dress codes in the high school about shorts and leggings.

The board also approved a requirement  for separating the approvals for Title One, Title Two, and Title Three money so the board can be more aware of how the money is spent.

Two sets of serving line equipment was put into surplus property with the consent of the board. New ones were purchased by the food service contractor.

Finally, Borchers told the board that Pantherfest will be August 22, the first day of school is August 24, and the Tailgate Party, with inflatables and other activities, will be August 26, before Ludlow football plays Bracken County.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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superintendent Michael Borchers stands proudly by some of the equipment.
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