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He Killed a Woman in Boone Co. 25 Years Ago and Her Family Wants Him to Stay in Prison

The man convicted of murdering a Boone County wife and mother will soon be up for parole, and Theresa Rose Lindsley's family is urging people to help them stop his release.

Douglas Allen Reynolds had been hired to deliver bottled water to the Lindsley family's farmhouse in Boone County. On October 30, 1991, he entered the home and found the woman known to her friends and family as Terri, sitting at the kitchen table making Christmas ornaments. Reynolds used a large kitchen knife to stab Lindsley in the back.

When it was all over, Lindsley was dead after being stabbed 57 times. She had nearly been decapitated while her 16-month old daughter Meghan slept nearby.

Reynolds was convicted of the murder and is currently lodged at the Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in Oldham County. Lindsley's family accepted Reynolds's guilty plea and the prosecutor's recommendation of life in prison with parole eligibility after 25 years.

With Reynolds now eligible for parole on October 22, 2016, Lindsley’s family asks that all nearby citizens call or write the Kentucky Parole Board to demand that Reynolds remain locked up for the remainder of his natural life. 

The impact of Terri’s murder on her family has been incalculable, said John Lindsley, Terri's husband who was at work when his wife was killed. “Terri was an RN who, as an agency nurse, specialized in pediatrics and in home nursing. She cared for the well-being of not only critically ill children but their families too, often doing dishes and buying groceries out of her own pocket, whatever it took to support a family in need. She touched many lives, and her passing has left an unfillable void," the grieving husband said in a news release Thursday. "We seek the public’s help to make sure that Douglas Allan Reynolds stays where he belongs so that no other family has to endure what we’ve been through should he be released and decide to kill again in some other young mother’s kitchen.”

“Douglas Reynolds has taken away so much more than a woman; he took my mother," Terri's daughter Meghan said. "A mother can never be replaced. I never got to know a mother's love. I lost her when I was still a baby. The love and bond between a mother and child can never be explained nor replaced. My life not having her has left me needing and wanting help, but never to find answers.”

The surviving family of Terri Lindsley asks the help of the public and the media to beseech the Kentucky Parole Board on their behalf. If justice is to be served, Douglas Allen Reynolds should die in state custody. 

“Douglas Allen Reynolds is an unpredictable, violent, brutal, mentally ill person,” John Lindsley said. “Please help us in any way possible to see to it that this murderer stays in prison.”

There is a hearing currently scheduled for Monday, August 8 before the Kentucky Parole Board. 

If you wish to write or call:

Kentucky Parole Board, P.O. Box 2400, Frankfort, KY 40604-2400.  Tel:  502-564-3620.  Fax:  502-564-8995 or Toll Free:  800-221-5991.  Or send an email directly to the Parole Board at:  [email protected] .  Please include, Douglas Reynolds – Inmate #112817, on all correspondence.

-Staff report

Photo: Douglas Reynolds (via Commonwealth of Kentucky)

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