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New Turn Lane Expected to Help School-Year Traffic in Edgewood

Edgewood Mayor John Link announced that the right hand turn lane out of the Hinsdale School parking lot will be finished by the start of the new school year. Since there had only been one lane coming out of the parking lot previously, there were some severe traffic backups during the school year. With the new lane, anyone exiting the parking lot who wants to turn right on Dudley Road can now do so without following vehicles that are waiting to turn left. The city will also be putting in a sidewalk on the same side as the new lane, but Mayor Link said he can't guarantee that the sidewalk will be finished by the time school starts, although it could be.

"It's not a cure all," sad Mayor Link. "It's going to help with flowing traffic in and out."

Edgewood City Council was set to hear the second reading of an ordinance on Monday setting out rules for encroachment, but City Administrator Brian Dehner said  several utility companies contacted him about the ordinance to request some changes. First of all, the companies wanted to be able to use the insurance policies they currently had in effect when they hired contractors to do work for them. They also didn't think they should have the indemnity clause, because it does not apply to governmental agencies, which city attorney Frank Wichmann said was correct. Another thing the companies wanted was a lower application fee. Edgewood was charging $100 per application fee, higher than other cities, so they asked if they could pay $100 for the first application fee, and $15 for all others after that. They also asked if they could pay the amount quarterly instead of each time. The third element that was asked about was a stipulation that the utilities notify the city 5 days before they completed a project, and it was asked if the requirement could be two days before completion instead. Council seemed to agree with the changes, but Dehner said they would not have a second reading for the ordinance because of the changes, or a first reading of a new ordinance which included the changes until Wichmann had a chance to study it a little further.

Dehner also gave an update on the progress at Presidents Park. He told council that the parking lot next to the building at 249 Dudley Road that the city acquired was marked off and graveled, but they would not put down any blacktop or concrete for at least another three to four weeks. Councilman Jeff Schreiver asked Dehner if they could wait until Councilman Ben Barlage returned from vacation so he could see the parking lot, and Dehner agreed although he told Schreiver that Barlage had walked the lot with him two weeks ago.

Mayor Link announced that the Friday night flick on August 5 at the Erlanger library will be ET, and the Mayor's golf outing will be on August 5 also at Twin Oaks. The free family camp-out  at Presidents Park will be August 6 at 6:30 p.m. The city will provide the brats and hot dogs, and anyone who would like to bring a covered dish to share can do so.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer