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City to Put Up "No Parking" Signs to Quell Blocking of Sidewalks

Residents of Silver Grove will soon notice “No Parking” signs along the side of Mary Ingalls Highway as they enter the city.  

Silver Grove has an existing ordinance that prohibits parking on the side of the highway, but it was not strictly enforced until now. Mayor Neal Bedel said at the Silver Grove city council meeting Thursday night that so many cars park on the side of the road and block the sidewalk that it’s become an issue the city must address.

Signs are expected to be placed along the road next week and the ordinance will be enforced by Campbell County Police.

The council also accepted an $111,000 matching grant for flood control from the Department for Local Government. The grant will be used to install two water gauges, which will predict how specific rain amounts will affect water levels around the city.

The gauges are intended to better prepare the city for potential flood damage, which will improve FEMA’s flood rating for the city. A better flood rating means lower flood insurance rates for Silver Grove residents.

“Flood insurance in places like Silver Grove can become really burdensome for residents. These gauges will give us more information about what we can expect with different amounts of rain, which will improve our community’s flood rating and lower insurance rates” said Bedel.

Installation is not expected to begin until sometime next year, as the project is still in its preliminary stages.

The Silver Grove City Council will meet again on Thursday, September 1 in the Silver Grove Municipal Building. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

Written by Alex Valentine, RCN contributor