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Op-Ed: Life Learning Center's Journey to Change Lives

Life Learning Center’s Journey to Change in July incorporated lots of fun, food, and freebies to attendees young and old while sharing our purpose of helping individuals transform their lives.

More important than providing the entertainment of watching our President, Larry Mock, sing live at one of our karaoke nights, feeling like royalty while I helped little princesses and princes sip tea and make magic wands like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, even getting into better shape with a non-judgmental group of individuals who want to kick butt on the Zumba floor, or listening to motivational speakers from our own neighborhood - was being an active participant in bringing Life Learning Center’s vision of our founder to fruition; to become a place where people of all statures can live, work, and play.

Along my own journey, I have had the privilege of walking alongside hundreds of fellow Candidates and Members at Life Learning Center. While all of us are walking differing journeys day-to-day, we ultimately share the same two needs: for change and for hope. The purpose of the Journey to Change in July was to open our front door to all of our neighbors and our entire community in an effort to share some of our core beliefs and program components with anyone in need of hope.  

We had several amazing guests and community advocates who supported Life Learning Center during our month-long series of events, including Billie McDaniel (Philanthropist), Detra McCollum (Kemetic Yoga Instructor), Michelle Williams (Candidate for City Commissioner), and Kenneth Webb (Board Member). By participating in our events they, like so many of our community partners, are helping us to build our vision of becoming a beacon of hope in our community.

Our final event for July, LLC Art for All People, was a collaborative event hosted by Franciscan Ministries Art for All People and The Center for Great Neighborhoods. The guest instructor and Founder of Art for All People, Sarah Hellman, had guests paint their version of an anchor. While guests painted they were asked to examine the importance of this symbolic image.  They were advised to look beyond the negative connotation of the anchor; that being the anchor that ties us to our past, our mistakes, our judgements, and our barriers.  I have found that anchors of the past, however painful, are significant as they teach us wisdom, help us to establish life’s principles and determine our values that most often are necessary for us to have a solid foundation. Life Learning Center teaches its family (University of Volunteers, Members, Leadership Team and Candidates) to get unstuck you must transform and transcend the anchor into something great and more positive.  Life Learning Center is and hopes to continue to be that anchor that provides the tools, support and resources to help citizens live their best life and step up to their highest potential.  

I challenge you now, at the end of the Journey to Change in July, to continue on your journey to change and let your anchor be the base for you to dedicate and commit to your personal growth and sustainability. In addition to allow that anchor to foster a commitment to your personal finances, your spirituality or faith, your relationships, your emotions and a healthy lifestyle to become better than you were. Change happens at Life Learning Center but it begins with each of you.  

To learn more about our Foundations for a Better Life program or connecting to our organization through volunteering, donations or referring a potential applicant please visit our website at, call (859) 431-0100 or stop by 20 W. 18th Street Covington, KY 41011.

Written by Jimae Hummeldorf, Life Learning Center program coordinator
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