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Callery: No Challengers Sign of Improvements in Villa Hills

Tuesday's filing deadline came and went and the only names on the ballot for Villa Hills City Council are the ones that already occupy the six seats.

After a couple cycles with intense negativity and tension within the government and on the campaign trail, Mayor Butch Callery said that the lack of challengers this time shows that people see signs of improvement.

“This is another great signal from residents that trust has been restored," Callery said. "I’m pleased to have the current council back next term. We’ve worked well together, working out compromises in public that have addressed long standing problems. Voters are happy with the direction Villa Hills is heading.”

Callery stated that the first sign that voters’ trust was returning was the passage of the road tax last fall.

“Trust and stability are important as the city continues to move forward.” he said. “Having the current council back will keep the development of the St. Walburg property on track. It will mean that the road plan will continue to be implemented. Stability will give the city breathing room to be able to look forward and work on new projects.”

In the past nineteen months, all votes at Villa Hills City Council have been unanimous, Callery, the former Covington mayor and longtime city commissioner, told The River City News on Wednesday.

-Staff report

Photo: Butch Callery (provided)